University of Washington Women’s Center, Seattle (2014)

I am excited to be a part of the UW Women’s Center team and to have the opportunity to create informational marketing and promotional pieces for their different outreach programs.

2015 Alene Moris NEW Leadership Institute Flyer

Winter 2015 Lifelong Learning Courses:

 SAT Prep Flyer

GRE Prep/ Basic Math Refresher Course Flyer

UW Resource: Violence Prevention, Health & Safety


Habitat for Humanity, Island County (2014)

For the Whidey Island office of Habitat for Humanity I provided a quick little design for their quarterly newsletter. The colors and fonts were pretty exclusive but the result was clean and to the point!

“Breaking Ground” Logo

Habitat for Humanity Island County: Breaking Ground


Body Design Fitness, Vancouver, WA (2013)

Body Design Fitness is a recently opened personal fitness facility that I did my college internship for credit. For the past two months I have been creating promotional materials and mock PR materials and templates to be used after I am done. This way the gym is set up to be successful later on.

Thinner Winner Challenge

30 Day Paleo Challenge

BDF Logo Options

Corporate Brochure

General Brochure


Run4Ryann Ellensburg, WA (2013)

Run4RYann was a fundraiser run and walk event I helped implement with a team of students while working for the CWU PR Agency. Ryann Thurman is a local elementary school child who is an a current Sparrow Club member and was in need of financial assistance.  For four months we worked on a plan and executing it and on April 13th the fundraiser produced $9,036 that all went to Ryann and her family.

Logo Design

T-Shirt Design

Color Day- Of Race Flyer

Black & White Day-Of Race Flyer


Poster Draft 1

Poster Draft 2


Ob GYN of Ellensburg Logo Re-Design (2013)

Ob GYN: G as Baby and Mom

Ob GYN: B as Belly


Introduction to Typography Final Book, Clark College (2011)

Cover: Century Gothic Type

Title Page

Anatomical Dissection

Fun Facts


Work Cited

Font Made Pattern


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